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Release That

We consume so much throughout out each day. We store it in the back of our brain, create emotions around it, let it all build up until we “can’t take anymore”.

Lately in prayer I’ve been having some challenges, then I talk about that thing that’s really been on my heart and I break down crying. And it’s just like Carra RELEASE. We don’t do it enough.

Take into account how your own feelings are being effected by everyone’s or everything else. This is part of how we come to say that bad things always happen because we haven’t released the last thing that did. This is different for everyone tho.

Add media to your posts


This does not make you weak. It is a natural reaction. You do not need to try and stop yourself while you are crying to say “I’m good”. Get you a tissue and have a moment


Yupp. Mad. Got questions. Frustrated. Irritated. Over it. Don’t even have the words. Lay it all at His feet. There is power in His presence.


Literally think about how many times our breaking is changing. Heart stops. Hearing the news. Rushing Through our day. Emotions overload. Take a moment. Please. Breathe.

I just want to encourage someone to release. Whatever that looks like for you.

If not your thinking can be altered. The ability to make sound decisions altered. You’ll grow irritated/emotional over time. Ask me how I know 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄. Release is necessary.

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