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Struggling Writing to God

Don’t make it difficult, beat yourself up, etc.

We give the enemy too much credit for why we don’t do things or continue. Literally at times it’s our minds and our inability to debunk excuses or we overthink.

There is no perfect way of doing this.

1. It's just You and Him

Stop writing as if you have to hand it into a teacher. Misspell words. Scribble. Cry. Be transparent. Just get it out

2. Don't Force It

There is a difference in being consistent in talking to God and routinely doing something with no relationship

3. Don't let the page confine you.

There are some times I can barely finish a page and sometimes I write a life story

4. Listen as you write.

They may feel like distracting thoughts but it also could be God giving you revelation on things you’ve been asking about

If you are a mind wander; keep a sticky note near by. This way you can write what you think but still stay in the moment

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