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Only God Can

Earlier I was talking about how the enemy is smart. How he is not going to try your faith and make you doubt God with situations that he knows you’ll trust Him with.

He is going to use those situations that you can’t make a way and the only way out is if God provides. If God turns it around.

The process ain’t pretty. To have mess going on and still proclaiming that you trust God don’t make sense to everyone.

But for us, He told the enemy I know my child. I know what I placed in them for this moment. I know their faith won’t waiver. I know they’ll hold My hand through it. God built us for this pressure.

So right now I’m praying for those who are in those situations that nobody but God can do it. Whether it be physical or mental, God move on their behalf. God we are trusting in you. We lean not to our own understanding and say God have your way. We repent for every time we doubted you God. For every time we spoke against you. God we pray for faith reactivation in the name of Jesus. God thank you for adding strength to us daily. In Jesus name, Amen.

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