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Producing Fruit?

Lately I’ve been saying I want to see the fruits of my effort and my time. Like at the end of the day/week I wana see it.

Spent some time writing to God this evening and it hit whole different. 😩

I was reminded of Apostle Mike when he said stop going back to God without results.

What if God was saying the same thing to me.

Like if I’ve been spending time with Him, can He see it in the way that I interact with people. If the enemy tempts me, am I being consistent in my pursuit to deny my flesh. If He blesses me, am I blessing Him. If He put something in me, am I being useful with it.

Whew. Y’all it legit messed me up cause I’ve legit been complaining saying “I know I’ve been working but I just don’t see it.”

Imagine God saying that same thing. How would you move differently?

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