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Want Your Prayers to Work?

Let’s talk about it shall we?

Our “God help us” prayers seem to be the most frustrating ones to see God moving through.

Why you ask? Cause the moving is often times through us.

When we ask God to help us, but in our hearts we are just like can you do it for me. And because we have the “do it for me” mindset, when He does help us or gives us opportunities to grow in what we ask, we can’t receive it.

Example, God help me to be disciplined: God puts us in a tempting situation and we give in.

God help me get over them: we proceed to call it “ima talk to them on my time” and they still live in our minds.

Some things are going to require reflection. God does hear our hearts cry but there are things that will require process.

I don’t want this post to sound like or make you feel as you have messed up. The goal is to say; okay God, I PARTNER with you in this. When you move, I’ll move.

Say “Just like that” in comments if you with it 🤍

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